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you could die (or this might end)

and we'll tear up the streets a million strong then, in your name tonight.

i am jack's inflamed sense of rejection.

all the talking, this and that, none taking me to where you're at.
oh, as fine as the day is long.
oh, my fineness, where have you gone?

ayn rand, victor hugo, leo tolstoy, ernest hemingway, george orwell, j.k rowling, ben bova, arthur c. clarke, ellen hopkins, harper lee, francis scott fitzgerald

ted leo ♥
nirvana, pull tiger tail, ¡forward, russia!, david bowie, the himalayans, gin blossoms, weaver at the loom, civil twilight, carbon leaf, bloc party, my drug hell, queen, the fray, death cab, kaiser chiefs, green day, yellowcard, meat loaf, clash, killers, metric, rise against, muse, jacks mannequin, anberlin, del amitri, monkees, journey, cold war kids, rainer maria, yeah yeah yeahs, U2, the twilight sad, frightened rabbit, smiths, spocks beard, the postal service, NIN, new pornorgraphers, matchbox twenty, led zep, the kooks, just jack, elf power, dishwalla, cure, darkness, cooper temple clause

star trek, skins, doctor who, fringe, gossip girl, house m.d., the universe, joan of arcadia,the pretender

v for vendetta, fight club, the butterfly effect, pride and prejudice, angels and demons, inglourious basterds, saturday night fever, 2001, girl interrupted, star wars (w/harrison ford), little miss sunshine, stand by me, da vinci code, back to the future, the day the earth stood still (original), invasion of the body snatchers, night of the living dead, blair witch project, signs, grease, apocalypto, the other boleyn girl, tristan & isolde, the island, the shining, i am legend, 28 weeks/months later